Oodalicious was conceived of over many years of struggling with finding easy ways to record and manage eating and exercising habits. There are a lot of web sites that already allow users to record food and exercise, some better than others. But none that do exactly what Oodalicious does.

The whole point of Oodalicious is to provide users instant feedback, regardless of what method they choose to use for entry. Oodalicious is engineered to provide accessibility to as many people as possible. There is no requirement to have a computer all the time; it is not required to have the latest iPhone or smart phone - Oodalicious can work with any cell phone. This includes phones that that support text messaging, as well as cell phones that do not (using the voice mail option). The hope is that by being as accessible as possible, all users will be encouraged to make entries as they occur, increasing the likelihood that the user will be consistent in tracking their nutrition. Doing so will lead to better results and a better you.


The Oodalicious logo should highlight the trifecta of components that the company exudes: health, technology, and feedback. It was incumbent upon the designer, then, to capture these three tenets and bring balance to the complexities of the power struggle that these three philosophies create.

Simplicity, then, is the most organic vehicle to convey the symbiosis of these conflicting ideas. The font, Century Gothic, promises the elegance and natural interface that Oodalicious implements.

The earthly blue was chosen to instill a feeling of nature, an almost ethereal origin. A grassroots software package - something that grounds users from the distractions of daily life - delivers this connection to their environment. This kindred relationship between earth and mankind implies a feeling of health, well-being, and balance.

The "O" logo - what we call the "logO" - hints at computer typography. The fundamental I/O switch, the allusion to binary, the most basic, most ubiquitous character in all computers, is strong enough to stand by itself, but is enhanced by the brand name.

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